Occupy Wall Street: The Movement Against Bad Things


Before I begin, I want to make perfectly clear I am not naive about the current issues on Wall Street and in our current economic status and laws. Yes, the way the economic system is currently run in this country is incredibly messed up and change is needed. Also, I do understand that many of the people protesting are fully within their right to protest, and are rightfully angry about the current economic climate. That being said, my main issue with the movement is the way the movement is run.

The first main problem is that their is no clear stance that this movement is expressing. While it is clear that the main reason for the protest is the uneven distribution of wealth, many people in the rally still have their own individual agendas. Reasons for protesting include tax laws, housing, the homeless, gay right, corporate accountability, and even feminism. With all of these interests crushed into one message, it cause any true stance to become jumbled, and thus uninterpretable. For me to support this rally, I need specific problems that these people want changed. Are you against the way offshore accounts are used to hold back on taxes? The way corporations can give unlimited campaign funds to candidates? The way the lobbying system is handled? The tax subsidies towards certain companies? PICK SOMETHING!!!! It’s like they are trying to write an essay. They have a broad idea: unfair distribution of wealth, and now they need to narrow the topic down.

The second problem is the lack of leadership. Supposedly what makes this movement special and unique is that it doesn’t have a leader. This is a terrible idea because it doesn’t give the movement the ability to organize and develop a stance in the issue they want to protest. Leaders allow guidance, which is something this movement really needs.

The final problem is that the movement is not offering an alternative solution to the problem. Yes, these people are angry about the way our economic system is handled, but they are not offering a solution in terms of what to do. How can I support a movement if I don’t know what they stance is on the cause they are fighting for? This is a very dangerous concept for a movement not to have a solution to the problem they are addressing.

Overall, I commend the movement for getting media attention (something done mostly by conservative movements) but their are too many organization problems that prevent me from supporting it. With the lack of specific detail towards addressing their problems, they come across more like “WE HATE CORRUPTION” (no one’s ever been for corruption) or “WE HATE BAD THINGS” (so does everyone else). If anything, I’m worried that a charismatic demagogue will step up, and try to take advantage of this large group of angry people. and turn them into a hate group. Our planet has a history of individuals morphing thousands of unorganized angry people into hate groups. For the sake of all of us, I hope that never happens. I do want to support this movement, but given it’s current disorganized and leaderless status, I can’t bring myself to support this protest.